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composition :
1Acropora sp. Fragments 6-10 cm
(Branching Coral)
2Catalaphyllia jardinei 3-6 cm
(Elegance Coral)
1Fungia granulosa Green 4-5 cm
(Flat Disc Mushroom)
1Lobophyllia sp. A Grade bicolor ULTRA 10-14 cm
(Lobed Brain Coral)
1Plerogyra sinuosa 2-5 cm
(Large Bubble Coral)
1Trachyphyllia geoffroyi Green 3-5 cm
(Nudibranch Coral)
1Tubastraea sp. Red Orange 5-7 cm
(Sunflower Coral)
1Sarcophyton sp. Green Polyp 4-8 cm
(Toadstool Soft Coral)
1Sinularia flexibilis green 4-7 cm
(Branching Tree Coral)

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