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composition :
2Catalaphyllia jardinei 3-6 cm
(Elegance Coral)
2Acropora species - Fragments - Ultra 3-6 cm
(Branching Coral)
1Catalaphyllia jardinei 6-10 cm
(Elegance Coral)
6Duncanopsammia axifuga Polyp
(Tree Coral)
2Fungia species - Green 8-12 cm
(Small Domed Mushrooms)
1Goniastrea species 6-10 cm
(Green-eyed Brain)
1Goniopora species - Green 3-6 cm
(Daisy Coral)
1Heteropsammia cochlea 2-4 cm/polyp
(Green Knucklebone Coral)
2Trachyphyllia geoffroyi - Green 2-3 cm
(Nudibranch Coral)
1Sarcophyton species - Green Polyp 8-12 cm
(Toadstool Soft Coral)

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