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composition :
2Catalaphyllia jardinei 3-5 cm
(Elegance Coral)
1Euphyllia ancora 2-3 cm
(Hammer Coral)
1Euphyllia ancora 3-5 cm
(Hammer Coral)
1Goniopora species 1-3 cm
(Daisy Coral Green Nano Branching)
1Favia sp. 3-5 cm
(Moon Coral)
1Favites pentagona 3-5 cm
(Aussie War Coral Purple/Red)
1Fungia granulosa 3-5 cm
(Flat Disc Mushroom Green)
1Fungia granulosa 3-4 cm
(Flat Disc Mushroom orange)
1Lobophyllia pachysepta 3-5 cm
(Flecked Brain Coral Green)
1Lobophyllia sp. 3-5 cm
(Lobed Brain Coral A Grade bicolor)
2Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 1-3 cm
(Nudibranch Coral Green)
1Sarcophyton polypes vert 4-8 cm
(Toadstool Soft Coral Green Polyp)
1Sinularia flexibilis vert 4-8 cm
(Branching Tree Coral Green)

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