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composition :
20Amphiprion Ocellaris 3CM
(Orange ocellaris (coral sea))
20Amphiprion Ocellaris 2.7-2.9CM
(Orange ocellaris (coral sea))
4Amphiprion Percula(white) 3CM
(True percula)
6Amphiprion Percula (edge black) 4CM
(Black line percula)
4Amphiprion Ocellaris 3CM
(Darwin Ocellaris)
4Amphiprion Ocellaris 4CMUP
(Darwin Ocellaris)
4Amphiprion Clarki(Australia) 3CM
(Australia clarki clownfish)
2Amphiprion Clarkii(indian) 3-5CM
(Indian clarkii clownfish)
6Amphiprion Frenatus 3CM
(Red tomato clown)
4Premnas epigrammata(white) 3CM
(white stripe maroon)
2Premnas biaculeatus 3.5cm
(Gold nuggets maroon (white))
2Amphiprion Percula 4CM
(Picasso Percula grade B)

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