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composition :
2Astralium sp. x10
(Spiny Turban Shell )
1Synchiropus splendidus pair /
(Mandarin Fish pair)
2Astrea x10
(Spiny Shell )
2Coriocella nigra /
(Black Mantle Snail)
2Cyprea annulus x10
(Annular-ring Cowrie )
2Dolabella auricularia /
(Green Sea Hare)
1Nerita plicata x10
(Pinkish-White Nerite Shell )
1Sabellastarte sp. x10
(Pink-striped Tubeworm )
1Tectus fenestratus x10
(Fenestrate Top Shell )
2Alpheus bellulus /
(Tiger Snapping Shrimp)
3Calcinus sp. x10
(Common Algae Hermitcrab )
1Neopetrolisthes sp. couple /
(Anemone Porcelaincrab Pair)
1Thor amboinensis x10
(Dancing Squat Shrimp )
1Ricordea yuma rouge/vert /
(Ricordea Anemone Red/green)
1Ricordea yuma vert/violet /
(Ricordea Anemone Green/violet)
1Ricordea yuma Multicolor /
(Ricordea Anemone Multicolor)
3Archaster angulatus /
(Sand Seastar)
1Mespilia globulus x10
(Globular Seaurchin )
1Ophiolepis superba x10
(Banded Brittle Star )

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