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composition :
6Lysmata amboinensis 2-2,4 cm
(Cleaner shrimps)
1Pomacanthus imperator juvénile 5 cm
(Emperor angel juvenile)
1Forcipiger longirostris 5-8 cm
(Long nosed butterfly)
4Pseudanthias squamipinnis femelle 3-7 cm
(Blue eye lyretail Anthias female)
1Pseudanthias squamipinnis mâle 5-9 cm
(Red coral lyretail fish male)
2Escenius bicolor 4-7 cm
(Bicolor Blenny)
2Valenciennea puellaris 5-9 cm
(Diamond Sleeper-goby)
2Valenciennea strigata 5-9 cm
(Radian Sleeper-goby)
1Labroides dimidiatus 4-7 cm
(Cleaner wrasse)
2Halichoeres Leucoxanthus 4-9 cm
(Lemon Meringue Wrasse)
1Oxytypus longonostris 4-7 cm
(Long nose hawkfish)
2Acanthurus leucosternon 5-7 cm
(Powder Blue Tang)
2Lysmata amboinensis 2,5-3 cm
(Cleaner shrimps)
4Lysmata debelius 3-4 cm
(Red fire shrimp)
1Fromia elegans /
(Red star fish )
10Trochus Histrio /
(Banded Trochus Snail)
2Echinometra sp. /
(Short Spine Black Sea Urchin)

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