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composition :
1Sarcophyton polypes vert Sm-Med
(Leather Green Toadstool )
1Centropyge Woodheadi /
(Angel Bannerfin)
1Centropyge Flavissimus /
(Angel Lemon Peel Eye Spot)
2Serrancirrhitus Latus /
(Anthias Sunburst)
3Meiacanthus Oualanensis /
(Blenny Canary)
2Chryspteria Taupou /
(Damsel Fiji Devil)
1Lo Uspi 2"
(Rabbitfish Fiji Foxface)
2Lo Uspi Tiny
(Rabbitfish Scribbled )
1Acanthurus Pyroferus /
(Tang Mimic Lemonpeel)
1Anampses Neoguinaicus /
(Wrasse China)
1Thalosomma Lutescens Sm-Med
(Wrasse Sunset )
2Linckia Laevigata /
(Star Blue Linckia)
1Sinularia flexibilis jaune Sm-Med
(Leather Gold Spaghetti)

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