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composition :
1Pomacanthus imperator juvénile M
(Emperor Angelfish Juvenile)
1Acanthurus lineatus M
(Lined Surgeonfish)
1Acreichthys tomentosus M
(Matted Filefish)
1Amblygobius phalaena M
(Brown-barred Goby)
1Centropyge bicolor M
(Bicolor Angelfish)
1Centropyge bispinosus M
(Coralbeauty Angelfish )
1Chelmon rostratus M
(Copperband Butterflyfish)
4Chrysiptera hemicyanea M
(Blue Yellow Belly Damsel)
2Chrysiptera springeri M
(Springer's Damsel)
2Pseudocheilinus hexataenia M
(Sixstripe Wrasse)
2Pseudochromis paccagnellae M
(Royal Dottyback)
4Pterapogon kauderni M
(Banggai Cardinalfish)
2Salarias fasciatus M
(Jawelled Blenny)
2Synchiropus splendidus M
(Mandarin Dragonet)
1Zebrasoma scopas juvénile M
(Brown Sailfintang Juvenile)
1Zebrasoma veliferum juvénile M
(Pacific Sailfintang Juvenile)
6Amphiprion ocellaris 2.7-2.9 cm
2Archaster typicus S
(Cleaner sand starfish)
4Mespilia globulus M
(Fruit sea urchin Short-spine)

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