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composition :
1Chelmon rostratus M
(Copperband Butterflyfish)
1Acanthurus leucosternonIndian Ocea S
(Powderblue Surgeonfish)
2Amblyeleotris guttata M
(Orange-Spotted Prawngoby)
1Amblygobius phalaena M
(Brown-barred Goby)
1Centropyge bicolor M
(Bicolor Angelfish)
1Centropyge bispinosus M
(Coralbeauty Angelfish )
6Chromis viridis M
(Blue-Green Chromis)
1Cirrhilabrus solorensis mâle M
(Solorensis Fairywrasse Male )
2Gobiodon okinawae M
(Yellow Coralgoby)
1Halichoeres chrysus M
(Golden Wrasse Adult)
2Labroides dimidiatus M
(Cleaner Wrasse Adult)
2Nemateleotris decora M
(Decorated Firefish)
1Paracanthurus hepatus M
(Blue Surgeonfish)
3Pseudanthias squamipinnis xfemelle M
(Indian Oc Lyretail Anthias Female)
2Pterapogon kauderni M
(Banggai Cardinalfish)
2Salarias fasciatus M
(Jawelled Blenny)
2Valenciennea puellaris M
(Maiden Goby Orange-spotted Goby)
6Amphiprion ocellaris 2.7-2.9 cm
4Mespilia globulus M
(Fruit sea urchin Short-spine)

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