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composition :
3Mespilla cf. globulus Red 4-6 cm
(Shortspined Globe Urchin)
1Acreichthys tomentosus 5-7 cm
(Seagrass Filefish )
1Centropyge bicolor 5-8 cm
(Bicolor Angelfish)
1Centropyge bispinosa < 5 cm
(Coral Beauty Angelfish )
2Chelmon rostratus 4-6 cm
(Copperband Butterflyfish )
6Chromis viridis 3-4 cm
(Blue-Green Chromis)
1Ecsenius bicolor 5-7 cm
(Two-Colored Blenny)
1Pictichromis paccagnella /
(Royal Dottyback)
2Pseudocheilinus hexataenia 3-5 cm
(Sixstripe Wrasse)
1Salarias fasciatus 4-7 cm
(Jewelled Algae Blenny)
4Synchiropus splendidus 4-6 cm
(Indonesian Mandarin Dragonet )
1Synchiropus splendidus Selected Pairs < 8 cm
(Indonesian Mandarin Dragonet)
2Valenciennea puellaris 6-8 cm
(Maiden Sleeper Goby Orange-spotted Goby)
10Calcinus sp. Speedy < 3 cm
(Hermit Crab "Fast runner" Algae eating)
2Lysmata kuekenthali 3-4 cm
(Kuekenthal's Cleaner Shrimp)
1Stenopus hispidus 4-6 cm
(Banded Boxer Shrimp)
10Turbo sp. < 3 cm
(Cat's eye Turbo snail's)
5Trochus sp. 3-4 cm
(Trochus Snail Red Banded Pyramid Shaped )
5Cerithium sp. 1-3 cm
(Cerith Snails Algae eater)
5Nassarius sp. 1-2 cm
(Nassa Mud Snails Scavenger's)
1Dolabella auricularia 6-10 cm
(Dolabella Sea Hare Common )
3Archaster typicus 6-10 cm
(Common Sand Cleaner Starfish )
1Ophiolepis superba /
(Brittle Starfish Zebra )

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