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composition :
25Lysmata Ambonensis M
(Painted Shrimp)
1Acanthurus Leucosternon M
(Powder Blue Tang )
1Acanthurus Lineatus M
(Clown Tang )
3Halichoeres Trispilus M
(Yellow Wrass)
1Naso Elegans M
(Orange spine Unicornfish )
1Oxycirrhites Types M
(Longnose Halk Fish)
4Valenciennea Puellaris M
(Diomond Goby)
2Valenciennea Strigata M
(Radium Goby)
6Lysmata Debelius L
(Fire Shrimps)
2Stenopus Hispidus M
(Boxing Dancing)
1Entacmea Quadricolor 0
(Pink Bulb Anemone)
2Fromia Species M
(Red Star Fish Black Tip)

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