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composition :
4Centropyge bispinosus /
(Angel Coral Beauty )
1Acreichthys tomentosus /
(File Leatherjacket)
1Amblyeleotris randalli M/L
(Goby O. Stripe Randall)
3Amblygobius hectori /
(Goby Hector's)
2Amblygobius phalaena /
(Goby Bullet-head )
1Chelmon rostratus M/L
(Butterfly Copperband )
10Chromis viridis /
(Chromis Blue-Green)
1Cryptocentrus cinctus /
(Goby Blue Spot)
6Nemateleotris magnifica /
(Goby Firefish )
1Pseudochromis porphyreus /
(Dottyback Strawberry)
4Pterosynchiropus splendidus M/L
(Blenny Mandarin Green )
2Salarias fasciatus /
(Blenny Salarias Jewelled)
2Alpheus bellulus /
(Shrimp Marble Pistol)
2Archaster typicus /
(Starfish Sand)
10Nasarius undosus /
(Stripe Whelk Snail)
10Tectus niloticus /
(Snail Turbo)

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