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composition :
1Zebrasoma xanthurus 5-7,9 cm
(Purple Tang )
4Hippocampus reidi (CB) 6-6,9 cm
(AI Black Opal Seahorse )
2Pseudochromis fridmani 2-3 cm
(AI Orchid Dottyback )
2Amphiprion frenatus 3-4 cm
(Tomato Clown Fish )
2Amphiprion clarkii 3-4 cm
(Black Clarkii )
2Amphiprion ocellaris 3-4 cm
(Honey glazed Black Nemo Clown )
4Pterapogon kauderni (Captive Bred) 3-4 cm
(AI Bangai Cardinal Hardy! )
1Acanthurus leucosternon MD
(Powder Blue Surgeon )
1Canthigaster magaritatus MD/LG
(Peacock Puffer)
1Centropyge flavipectoralis MD
(Yellow Finned Angelfish)
2Escenius bicolor MD/LG
(Red Tailed Blenny ( True Red))
1Pomocanthus imperator Juv MD
(Emperor Angelfish)
2Valenciennea puellaris MD
(Sand Shifting Shrimp's Goby)
2Valenciennea wardi SM/MD
(Tiger Goby Sand Shifter)
6Lysmata amboinensis SM
(Cleaner Shrimp)
4Lysmata debelius MD
(Fire Shrimp)
2Fromia Monilis MD
(Red Star Fish)

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