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composition :
3Acanthurus Leucostemon M
(Blue Surgeon )
1Acanthurus Lineatus M
(Stripe Surgeon)
1Anthias Squamipinnis mâle M
(Lyretail Fish male)
6Anthias Squamipinnis femelle M
(Lyretail Fish female)
1Escenius Midas M
(Yellow Goby)
1Escenius Pulcher Bicolor M
(Rt Blenny)
2Halichoeres Trispilus M
(Yellow Wrasse)
2Labroides Dimidiatus M
(Cleaner Desseol)
4Valencienna Pullaris M
(Diamond Goby)
2Valencienna Strigata M
(Milk Goby)
1Zebrasoma Veliferum M
(Sailfin Tang)
2Lysmata Debelius L
(Fire Shrimp)
5Lysmata amboinensis M
(Cleaner Shrimp)
2Lysmata amboinensis L
(Cleaner Shrimp)
2Stenopus Hispidus M
(Boxing Shrimp)

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