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composition :
48Crevette 2 cm
(Red Cherry Shrimp)
5Betta splendens mâle L
(Male Betta Fancy mix-color)
5Betta splendens femelle L
(Female Betta Fancy mix-color)
5Betta splendens mâle L
(Male Dumbo betta long-tail mix color)
5Betta splendens femelle L
(Female Dumbo betta short-tail mix color)
48Poecilia latipinna 3,5-4 cm
(Yellow Molly Lyretail)
30Carassius auratus 4-4,5 cm
(Red-black Oranda)
48Carassius auratus 3-3,5 cm
(Pearl Scales / Pinpong Goldfish)
72Xiphophorus maculatus 3-3,5 cm
(Platy red pintail )
72Xiphophorus maculatus 2,5-3 cm
(Platy coral red hi-fin )
60Poecilia reticulata 2,5-3 cm
(Blue metallic guppy M)
60Poecilia reticulata 2,5-3 cm
(Snakeskin platinum red guppy M)
15Betta splendens mâle L
(Male Betta Halfmoon mix colors)

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