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composition :
6Zoanthus sp. M
(Tricolor Sea Mat)
3Zoanthus sp. M
(Red/Blue Sea Mat)
2Zoanthus sp. M
(Orange Sea Mat)
1Rhodactis sp. M
(Two Tone Rhodactis)
1Rhodactis sp. M
(Orange Rhodactis)
1Rhodactis sp. M
(Green Hairy Mushroom)
1Discosoma sp. M
(Green Striped Discosoma Mushroom)
1Discosoma sp. M
(Red Mushroom)
1Ricordea sp. M
(Orange Recordea)
3Heteractis Crispa M
(Purple-Tip Long Tenacle Anemone)
1Heteractis magnifica M
(Purple Long Tenacle Anemone)
1Macrodactyla Doreensis M
(Long Tenacle Anemone)
5Entacmaea Quadricolor M
(Bubble Sea Anemone)
2Stichodactyla Tapetum Sp. 5-6 cm
(Mini carpet anemone)

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