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composition :
3Centropyge acanthops med
(African pygmy Angelfish)
2Acanthurus leucosternon 4-7 cm
(Powder blue tang)
1Acanthurus-lineatus 8-12 cm
(Clown SurgeonFish)
1Zebrasoma desjardini 5-8 cm
(Desjardin`s Sailfin Tang)
1Naso lituratus 4-6 cm
(Orange-spine Unicornfish)
4Paracanthurus hepatus 3-6 cm
(Blue Tang Yellow belly)
6Pseudanthias squamipinnis female med
(Lyretail Coralfish )
1Pseudanthias squamipinnis male med
(Lyretail Coralfish )
2Salarias fasciatus med
(Jewelled Roskskipper redfin)
2Macropharyngodon bipartitus med
(Leopard Wrasse female)
1Canthigaster valentini med
(Black saddled toby)
50Calibanarius africanus med
(Typical East African Hermit crab)

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