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composition :
2Acanthurus leucosternon 4-7 cm
(Powder blue tang)
1Acanthurus leucosternon 8-12 cm
(Powder blue tang)
1Zebrasoma desjardini 3-4 cm
(Desjardin`s Sailfin Tang)
3Paracanthurus hepatus 1-3 cm
(Blue Tang Yellow belly)
5Pseudanthias squamipinnis female med
(Lyretail Coralfish )
2Salarias fasciatus med
(Jewelled Roskskipper redfin)
2Valenciennea strigata med
(Golden-headed Sleeper Goby)
2Macropharyngodon bipartitus med
(Leopard Wrasse female)
2Centropyge acanthops med
(African pygmy Angelfish)
50Calibanarius africanus med
(Typical East African Hermit crab)
25Nerita polita turbo snail med
(Turbo Snail)
2Sarcophyton Erenbergi med med
(Mashroon Leather Stone longe polyp)

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