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  • composition :1Holacanthus Ciliaris 4-6 cm(Holacanthus Ciliaris)1Holacanthus Ciliaris 9-12 cm(Holacanthus Ciliaris)1Holacanthus Ciliaris 13-18 cm(Holacanthus Ciliaris)1Centropyge Aurantonotus 5-6 cm(Centropyge Aurantonotus)1Pomacanthus Paru 7-9 cm(Pomacanthus Paru)1Pomacanthus Paru 10-12 cm(Pomacanthus Paru)

  • composition :1Acreichthys tomentosus M(Matted Filefish)1Amblygobius hectori M(Hector's goby)1Centropyge bispinosus S(Coralbeauty Angelfish )1Chelmon rostratus M(Copperband Butterflyfish)15Chromis viridis M(Blue-Green Chromis)4Gobiodon okinawae M(Yellow Coralgoby)4Nemateleotris decora M(Decorated Firefish)1Paracanthurus hepatus Tiny(Blue...

  • composition :8Bénitiers maxima bleu 13-14 cm(Tridacna maxima blue)

  • composition :1Amblygobius phalaena M(Brown-barred Goby)4Amphiprion ocellaris M(Clownfish)1Centropyge bicolor M(Bicolor Angelfish)1Centropyge bispinosus M(Coralbeauty Angelfish )5Chromis viridis M(Blue-Green Chromis)5Chrysiptera hemicyanea M(Blue Yellow Belly Damsel)1Cirrhilabrus lubbocki M(Lubbock'S Fairywrasse)1Cirrhilabrus solorensis mâle S(Solorensis...

  • composition :4Bénitiers maxima bleu 13-14 cm(Tridacna maxima blue)

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items