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  • composition :1Acreichthys tomentosus 5-7 cm(Seagrass Filefish )1Amblygobius phalaena 6-8 cm(Brown-barred Goby)1Centropyge bicolor 5-8 cm(Bicolor Angelfish)1Centropyge bispinosa < 5 cm(Coral Beauty Angelfish )1Chelmon rostratus 4-6 cm(Copperband Butterflyfish )6Chromis viridis 3-4 cm(Blue-Green Chromis)4Chrysiptera cyanea femelle < 4 cm(Blue Devil...

  • composition :1Epicystis Cricifer (Beaded Anemone Ultra Red)2Ricordea Florida (Blue Ricordea)2Ricordea Florida (Orange Ricordea)2Ricordea Florida (Pink Ricordea)2Ricordea Florida (Green Ricordea)1St-Thomas Mushroom (Red )1St-Thomas Mushroom (Red & White)10Mithrax Sculptus (Green Emerald Crab)

  • composition :1Acanthurus Leucostemon M(Blue Surgeon )1Acanthurus Lineatus M(Stripe Surgeon)1Anthias Squamipinnis mâle M(Lyretail Fish male)6Anthias Squamipinnis femelle M(Lyretail Fish female)1Escenius Pulcher Bicolor M(Rt Blenny)1Malacanthus Smithi M(White Goby)2Valencienna Pullaris M(Diamond Goby)10Lysmata Debelius L (Fire Shrimp)25Lysmata...

  • composition :12Amphiprion ocellaris élevage 3-3,5 cm(Amphiprion ocellaris bred)4Amphiprion ocellaris élevage 4,1-5 cm(Amphiprion ocellaris bred)2Amphiprion ocellaris élevage 5,1-6 cm(Amphiprion ocellaris bred)6Amphiprion darwini élevage 3-4 cm(Amphiprion darwini bred)4Pterapogon kauderni 4-5 cm(Bangai cardinal bred)

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items