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  • composition :4Amphiprion ocellaris 3,5-4 cm(Small Ocellaris)6Amphiprion percula 3,5-4 cm(Small True Percula)2Premnas biaculeatus 3,5-4 cm(Gold Stripe Maroon)2Amphiprion percula /(Platinum Percula)4Pseudochromis fridmani /(Orchid Dottyback)4Elacatinus oceanops /(Blue Neon Goby)2Meiacanthus Nigrolineatus /(Blackline)

  • composition :4Amphiprion percula 3,5-4 cm(Small True Percula)2Amphiprion ocellaris /(Flurry)2Amphiprion ocellaris /(Gladiator)4Amphiprion percula /(Platinum Percula)6Pseudochromis fridmani /(Orchid Dottyback)2Berghia verrucicornis /(Berghia Nudibranches )2Elacatinus oceanops /(Blue Neon Goby)1Meiacanthus Nigrolineatus /(Blackline)

  • composition :2Amphiprion ocellaris /(Snowflake )2Amphiprion ocellaris /(Flurry)2Amphiprion ocellaris /(Black Ice )2Amphiprion ocellaris /(Wyoming White)2Amphiprion ocellaris /(Black Gladiator)2Amphiprion percula /(Platinum Percula)2Amphiprion percula /(Regular Picasso)

  • composition :6Amphiprion percula 3,5-4 cm(Small True Percula)10Pseudochromis fridmani /(Orchid Dottyback)2Pseudochromis Aldabraensis /(Neon Dottyback)2Berghia verrucicornis /(Berghia Nudibranches )6Elacatinus oceanops /(Blue Neon Goby)2Meiacanthus Nigrolineatus /(Blackline)

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items