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  • composition :5Acropora sp. bleue varié 5-6 cm(Acropora sp. blue mix)4Acropora sp. bleue varié 7-9 cm(Acropora sp. blue mix)5Acropora sp. vert varié 5-6 cm(Acropora sp. green mix)4Acropora sp. vert varié 7-9 cm(Acropora sp. green mix)5Acropora sp. rose varié 5-6 cm(Acropora sp. pink mix)4Acropora sp. rose varié 7-9 cm(Acropora sp. pink mix)

  • composition :1Acropora sp. 5-6 cm(Acropora efflorescens blue w/ purple tips)1Acropora sp. 5-6 cm(Acropora nasuta orange w/ purple tips)1Acropora sp. 5-6 cm(Acropora millepora purple)1Acropora sp. 5-6 cm(Acropora echinata purple)1Montipora sp. 5-6 cm(Montipora capricornis orange)1Montipora sp. 5-6 cm(Montipora spp yellow w/ blue tips)1Montipora sp. 5-6...

  • composition :2Rhodactis sp. S(Cultured Rhodactis sp. blue)1Rhodactis sp. M(Cultured Rhodactis sp. blue)2Rhodactis sp. S(Cultured Rhodactis sp. red)1Rhodactis sp. M(Cultured Rhodactis sp. red)2Clavularia sp. S(Cultured Clavularia sp. metallic green)2Clavularia sp. M(Cultured Clavularia sp. metallic green)1Lobophytum sp. S(Cultured Lobophytum sp. metallic...

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  • composition :1Acropora sp. 5-6 cm(Acropora florida green w/ orange tips)1Acropora sp. 5-6 cm(Acropora gomezi blue)1Acropora sp. 7-9 cm(Acropora gomezi blue)1Acropora sp. 5-6 cm(Acropora microphthalma purple w/ green tips)1Acropora sp. 5-6 cm(Acropora lokani blue)1Acropora sp. 5-6 cm(Acropora valida pink w/ yellow tips)1Hydnophora sp. 5-6 cm(Hydnophora sp....

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items