freshwater fishes and invertabrates, Discus, Loricarides - @order deadline: 15.06.2018 / delivery: 20.06.2018

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  • composition :31Carnegiella strigata md-lg(marble hatchet)87Cheirodon axelrodi md(/)62Hyphessobrycon flammeus diamond sm(diamond red rio tetra)37Nannostomus beckfordi élevage lg(Red pencil breeded)87Paracheirodon simulans md-lg(Green neon)10Peckoltia pulcher 4-6cm(Clown sucker)10Pimelodus pictus 6-7cm(Pictus cat)17Lamprolog. ocellatus doré...

  • composition :10Afromastacembelus frenatus 10-15cm(Congo spiny eel)8Gnathonemus petersi 7-10cm(Elephantnose fish)8Pantodon bucholzi lg-xlg(Freshwater butterflyfish)50Corydoras pygmaeus/DWARF md-lg(/)15Corydoras sterbai bred md(/)7Farlowella acus 10-12cm(Needle sucker)10Otocinclus cocama xlg(zebra otocinclus)2L18 Baryancis sp. 6-8cm(L18 golden-nugget)4L114...

  • composition :10Brochis splendens xlg(green cat)31Carnegiella strigata md-lg(marble hatchet)125Cheirodon axelrodi Colombie sm-md(Cardinal tetra Colombia)35Corydoras julii élevage md(Leopard corydoras breeded)8Farlowella acus 7-10cm(Needle sucker)62Otocinclus affinis lg(Sucker cat)

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  • composition :31Phenacogrammus interruptus élevage sm(blue congo tetra)37Synodontis eupterus 3-4cm(/)15Brochis splendens bred md(Green cat)31Carnegiella strigata md-lg(marble hatchet)17Corydoras julii élevage md(Leopard corydoras breeded)15Corydoras schwartzi lg-xlg(Schwartz's catfish )12Nannostomus mortenthaleri lg-xlg(Nannostomus...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items