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  • composition :10Acropora assortis vert 4-5cm(Staghorn coral Green)10Acropora assortis bleu 4-5cm(Staghorn coral blue)10Acropora assortis rose 4-5cm(Staghorn coral pink)10Acropora assortis violet 4-5cm(Staghorn coral purple)

  • composition :5Acropora assortis vert 5-8cm(Staghorn coral Green)5Acropora assortis bleu 5-8cm(Staghorn coral blue)4Acropora assortis rose 5-8cm(Staghorn coral pink)4Acropora assortis violet 5-8cm(Staghorn coral purple)1Montipora Digitata orange M(Staghorn coral Orange)1Montipora Foliosa violet M(Staghorn coral Purple)1Montipora Verrucosa violet M(Staghorn...

  • composition :3Acropora assortis vert 10-12cm(Staghom coral Green)3Acropora assortis bleu 10-12cm(Staghom coral blue)3Acropora assortis rose 10-12cm(Staghom coral pink)3Acropora assortis violet 10-12cm(Staghom coral purple)1Montipora Verrucosa violet L(Staghorn coral purple)1Pocillopora Damicornis rose L(Warty bush coral pink)1Seriatopora Hystrix rose...

  • composition :6Acropora assortis vert 5-8cm(Staghorn coral Green)6Acropora assortis bleu 5-8cm(Staghorn coral blue)6Acropora assortis rose 5-8cm(Staghorn coral pink)6Acropora assortis violet 5-8cm(Staghorn coral purple)

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items