marine fishes and invertebrates, Ricordea - @order deadline: 14.06.2018 / delivery: 20.06.2018

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  • composition :5Turbo fluctuosus /(Mexican Turbo Snails)25Lysmata wurdemanni /(Peppermint )8Mithrax sculptus /(Green Emerald Crab)2Mithrax sculptus /(Ruby Red Emerald Crab)50Clibanarius tricolor /(Blue Leg Hermit Med )30Paguristes cadenati /(Red Legged/ Scarlet Hermit)3Gramma loreto /(Basslets Royal Gramma )

  • composition :20Lysmata wurdemanni /(Peppermint )1Ricordea florida /(Ricordea – Blue)1Ricordea florida /(Ricordea – Orange)1Epicystis crucifer /(Red Rock Anemone)5Mithrax sculptus /(Green Emerald Crab)15Paguristes cadenati /(Red Legged/ Scarlet Hermit)15Clibrinarius digueti /(Pacific Red Legged Hermit )1Pomacanthus paru 3-4 cm(Angel French Small...

  • composition :30Lithopoma Astraea sp. /(Astrea )5Turbo fluctuosus /(Mexican Turbo Snails)2Elysia crispata /(Lettuce Nudibranch)20Lysmata wurdemanni /(Peppermint )3Condylactis gigantea /(Condylactis Anemone/Purple)5Mithrax sculptus /(Green Emerald Crab)30Clibanarius tricolor /(Blue Leg Hermit Med )20Paguristes cadenati /(Red Legged/ Scarlet Hermit)5Gramma...

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  • composition :25Lysmata wurdemanni /(Peppermint )2Lytechinus Variegatus /(Pin Cushion)2Condylactis gigantea /(Condylactis Anemone/Purple)10Mithrax sculptus /(Green Emerald Crab)30Paguristes cadenati /(Red Legged/ Scarlet Hermit)2Gramma loreto /(Basslets Royal Gramma )

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items