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  • composition :8Bénitiers maxima bleu 13-14 cm(Tridacna maxima blue)

  • composition :1Acanthurus Lineatus M(Stripe Surgeon)2Ampripion Xanthurus Clarkii M(Clown Fish Clarkii )1Anthias Squamipinnis mâle M(Lyretail Fish male)4Anthias Squamipinnis femelle M(Lyretail Fish female)2Halichoeres Trispilus M(Yellow Wrasse)2Labroides Dimidiatus M(Cleaner Desseol)1Naso Elegans M(Lipstic Tang)2Synchiropus Marmoratus M(Scorpion...

  • composition :4Amphiprion Darwini élevage 3-4 cm(Amphiprion Darwini bred)1Pseudochromis Aldabraensis élevage 4-5 cm(Pseudochromis Aldabraensis bred)2Gobiodon Oceanops élevage 1-2 cm(Elacatinus Oceanops bred)3Pseudochromis Fridmani élevage 4 cm(Pseudochromis Fridmani bred)6Amphiprion Percula élevage 3-3,5 cm(Amphiprion Percula bred)

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items