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  • composition :5Turbo sp 0(Turbo Shell)1Radianthus malu 0(White Anemone)6Sabellastarte indica 0(Assorted Tube Worm)6Sabella sp. 0(Red / White Tube Worm)2Discosoma sp. 4-6 cm(Green Mushroom )2Sarcophyton ehrenberghi 4-6 cm(Soft Mushroom )1Sinularia asterolobata 4-6 cm(Soft Finger Mushroom )1Sinularia asterolobata 4-6 cm(Yellow Soft Finger Mushroom...

  • composition :4Bénitiers maxima ultra color élevage 5-6 cm(Tridacna maxima ultra color cultured )4Bénitiers maxima gold élevage 5-6 cm(Tridacna maxima gold cultured )

  • composition :1Acanthurus achilles MD(ACHILLES TANG)4Centropyge loriculus MD(FLAME ANGEL)1Centropyge potteri MD(POTTER'S ANGEL)1Ctenochaetus hawaiensis SM(CHEVRON-juvenile)1Ctenochaetus strigosus MD(YELLOW-EYE)8Zebrasoma flavescens MD(YELLOW TANG)

  • composition :2Rhodactis cf Indonesinesis 8-12 cm(Hairy Mushroom )2Discosoma sp. 8-12 cm(Green Mushroom )2Sinularia dura 8-12 cm(Leather Mushroom )2Sarcophyton ehrenberghi 8-12 cm(Soft Mushroom )2Sarcophyton ehrenberghi 8-12 cm(Finger Foam Soft Mushroom )2Sinularia polydactyle 8-12 cm(Dwarf Soft Finger Mushroom)2Lobophytum sp. 8-12 cm(Leather Back...

  • composition :8Bénitiers maxima bleu 13-14 cm(Tridacna maxima blue)

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items